Not because he was a quasi-supernatural entity with an ability to perform lightning-fast kerb-side surgery whilst running split-second rings around two London police forces.

Jack the Ripper did not exist - except within the minds of his creators and those who for one reason or another have strived for over one hundred years to turn the myth into a reality.

Deconstructing Jack: The Secret History of the Whitechapel Murders reveals the endless stream of lies, invention, political misinformation, self-publicity and opportunism which has kept this Victorian bogeyman alive in the darkest reaches of our 21st Century imaginations.

Can history ever bring itself to shrug off almost 130 years of dogma and cherished beliefs, and at last smile ruefully at having been suckered in probably the greatest shell game of all time? Or will this heretical challenge to orthodoxy be peremptorily dismissed as revisionist nonsense, thus allowing the time-old parlour game of Pin the Tail on the Ripper to continue ad infinitum?

Deconstructing Jack


"Simon D. Wood takes up the position of supreme iconoclast"—Richard Whittington-Egan  (22nd October 1924 - 14th September 2016)

Author of "Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Casebook."

Jack the Ripper Conference, Nottingham, England

Finalist - 2016 International Book Awards.

Most Ripper books are just retreads of the same old stuff. Nothing put out by Simon is so mundane, which is why I would recommend his book to any serious reader in the field.
Tom Wescott, author of the award-winning 'The Bank Holiday Murders'

The Secret History of the Whitechapel Murders

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You Don't Know Jack.

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Deconstructing Jack

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The Secret History of the Whitechapel Murders

Book of the Year 2015

 Jack the Ripper Conference, Nottingham, England, 22nd August 2015

Book of the Month, June 2015
Reading Ghost, Denmark.

"Wood’s thought-provoking reexamination of the prototypical unsolved murder mystery lives up to its billing as the Jack the Ripper Conference’s 2015 book of the year."

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"Refreshing look at an old mystery; exceptionally well written; cogent argument for the case."

Kate Shaw, Amazon AU, 20th July 2015

"Certainly one of the best books ever written on the subject . . ."

P.C., Jack the Ripper Casebook, 15th March 2015.

"Essential Reading for Ripper scholars."
D.H., Amazon UK, 24th March 2015.

" . . . Simon Daryl Wood has written

nothing less than a masterpiece . . ."
Bjørk Peterson, Reading Ghost, 25th June 2015.

". . . it could well be the Ripper book of 2015 . . ."
Paul Begg,  JtR Forums, 1st April 2015

" . . . very well written, thought provoking (that's an understatement) and incredibly informative."

Wolf Vanderlinden, Casebook, 24th April 2015

"Just the book the 'Ripper' community needs. Too long has the old doctrine been allowed to be enforced . . . Wash away all your preconceived ideas about 'Jack' and read

this book with a totally fresh open mind . . ."

J.T., Amazon AU, 27th April 2015.

Simon Daryl Wood

Simon Daryl Wood